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I'm Madeleine and I live on the Canadian prairies.  I love to read and I have my MLIS degree (Master of Library and Information Science).  I very much enjoy poring over new and old knitting books at the library.

When I was about nine years old my grandma taught me a basic knit stitch.  After making a couple simple scarves I didn't pick knitting up again until many years later, long after my grandma had passed, and I always wish that I had done so sooner.  I taught myself more complex skills with the help of books as well as the internet, and fell in love for good with knitting.

I became quite interested in technical editing for knitting and took Joeli Kelly's wonderful tech editing courses as well as her designer bootcamp.  I take great pleasure in helping designers make their patterns into the very best that they can be.

I love knitting stranded colourwork (especially fair isle) and lace, as well as designs inspired by literature and pop culture which played a big part in inspiring me to get back into knitting.

I am a new designer as well and can be found on Ravelry here